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Join us for BUPE2024. We will be uploading our first round of presentations over the next week or so. If you would like to submit a presentation for consideration in the second round, please use the links shown! Thank yoU!

This virtual conference will compliment Journal of Opioid Management's Special Issue on Buprenorphine.

Call for Presentation Proposals, Satellite Symposia, Posters

“Buprenorphine: Clinical and Public Policy Implications”

    Journal of Opioid Management (JOM) is pleased to present a special conference titled, Buprenorphine: Clinical and Public Policy Implications (BUPE2024), focused on all aspects of the use of buprenorphine in medicine. Our goal is to broaden the knowledge base on buprenorphine, its potential in the healing pharmacopeia and as a pharmacological tool for pain management and/or addiction.

This unique online forum will be comprised of renowned specialists presenting the latest advances in basic science, neurology, clinical application, pharmacology, pharmacogenetics, public health, opioid addiction, ethics, legal, regulatory and compliance. The program is designed to enlighten healthcare providers with new data, essential information, and best practices every medical professional needs to know when caring for patients using buprenorphine.

We request proposals from all areas of research, treatment, ethics, opioid abuse and addiction. Proposals from individuals and panels will be considered. Multidisciplinary panels are encouraged to include perspectives from physicians, nurses, psychologists, basic scientists, pharmacists, etc. Moderators should seek participation from a varied group of faculty with a maximum of four participants per proposal.

The following partial list of topics are suggested for submission:

· Clinical application of buprenorphine in pain management
· Where does buprenorphine fit on the ladder of analgesics?
· Rescheduling of buprenorphine to replace NSAIDS
· How does one rotate onto buprenorphine from other potent opioids?
· How does one rotate from buprenorphine to other opioids?
· The nuances of buprenorphine PK/PD and its clinical relevance
· Clinical utility of buprenorphine relative to other opioids, safer or not?
· Clinical application of buprenorphine in addiction medicine
· Perioperative management of patients on long-term buprenorphine
· Breakthrough pain management on buprenorphine
· Populations that would likely benefit from using buprenorphine up front
· Buprenorphine in complex persistent opioid dependence  
· Buprenorphine in opioid use disorders
· How safe is buprenorphine in organ failure?
· Comparison of buprenorphine delivery technologies
· PK/PD of various formulations and delivery platforms
· Suboxone as an analgesic off-label
· Are benzodiazepines OK for a patients on long-term buprenorphine?
· Can patients overdose on buprenorphine?
· The role of buprenorphine in addressing the opioid crisis
· Economic considerations in prescribing buprenorphine
· Integration of buprenorphine into practice protocols
· Impact of buprenorphine on crime and legal issues
· Legislation impacting buprenorphine adoption
· Inequalities in pain experience and pain management
· Ethical issues in the use of buprenorphine
· Interpretation of urine drug screen results
· How to manage patients on cannabis and buprenorphine?
· How to avoid legal problems in today's environment?
· Exploring the role buprenorphine plays in the US drug crisis
· NIH Interagency Pain Management recommendations

Proposals for previously presented or published work may not be submitted without modification and must be changed or expanded, resulting in a new proposal.

Oral presentation proposals accepted thru October 14, 2024. (2nd round)
Poster abstract submissions accepted - Ongoing

Please note: The moderator is required to include a complete standard format disclosure form as part of the submission. Moderators should contact the speakers named on the proposal to notify them of their inclusion in the submission and to remind them to complete their disclosure information for inclusion with the
abstract submission.

A complete proposal submission should include the following:
• Presentation title
• A brief description of the presentation, its need, and rationale
for your topic at the BUPE2024 conference.
• Abstract text of up to 200 words, with information about
each presenter’s contribution; a focus statement with succinct description of topics discussed including background, purpose, procedures and conclusions.
• Educational objectives, goals and outcomes.
• Five (5) questions for a post conference test
• Moderator and/or presenter information, including disclosures, bio and picture. Presenter’s bio (250-300 words) should include both educational and professional achievements. Bio provided will be published in speakers guide and used to introduce speakers. Picture must be high-res .jpg file.

Proposal Notification: Applicants will be notified within two (2) weeks of abstract submission. All presenters will receive complimentary conference registration. Other details and terms of participation will be communicated to presenters upon acceptance of their proposal.

Presentation Times: Accepted presentations will be recorded and stored on the conference site. Select presentations may be scheduled for presentation live online at a time determined by the presenters and organizers. During the live online presentation, all presenters may respond to questions. After the presentation has been archived and posted on the Virtual website, only the lead presenter or a designate will answer email-based questions. Symposium sessions are 30-60 minutes in length. Panel presentations involving multiple presenters will be given additional time.

Presentation Materials: PowerPoint slides are required and are due within 21 days of acceptance of presentation for content review. MP4 video files can be recorded as soon as content review is complete. PDF handouts of slides will be posted with the video. The session moderator will be expected to assist the organizers in the collection and organization of all presentation slides and handout materials.

Poster Details: Poster submissions may have been previously
presented. Video posters must be original unreleased video and should be no more than 15 minutes in length. Poster presenters
are required to register for the conference.

Submission Details: To submit all proposals:
-> Please click here to download the BUPE2024 Abstract Form.

-> Please Click here for standard format disclosure form to be submitted with abstract.

Email your form to For assistance contact us at 781-899-2702, ext 108 or 114 from 9 am – 4 pm EST.

Important Dates:

Call for Proposal period: May 15, 2023 - July 15, 2023 (Subject to extension)
Deadline for Proposals: July 15, 2023 (Subject to extension)
Decisions on presentations: July 15, 2023 - August 1, 2023. For the first 15 presentations. Poster presentations will be accepted on an ongoing basis.
Decisions will be sent as soon as possible, typically 2 weeks.
Latest Presentation Decision: August 1, 2023
Finalized Presentation Deadline: October 1, 2023
BUPE2024 Virtual Conference: November 15, 2023 - December 31, 2024