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Showcase your presentations at BUPE2024-Buprenorphine: Clinical and Public Policy Implications before it’s too late! Expanding on the excellence of BUPE2021, the Journal of Opioid Management (JOM) is excited to bring forth new research and practice on buprenorphine in pain management, addiction treatment, and related areas in medicine.
BUPE2024, an online educational platform, will explore all facets of buprenorphine usage in medicine through enlightening presentations and engaging poster videos, meticulously curated to expand knowledge on the diverse applications of buprenorphine within the healing pharmacopeia, serving as a vital tool in addiction treatment. By delving into the comprehensive aspects of prescribing buprenorphine, we will examine its optimal use in clinical practice and delve into the crucial public policy considerations.
We are thrilled to announce that this online education site will be co-led by Mary Lynn McPherson, PharmD, MA, MDE, BCPS, CPE and Mellar P. Davis, MD, FCCP, FAACP. Dr. McPherson and Dr. Davis have been thought leaders in the field of opioids for decades, and we look forward to their leadership on this project. 
Submit to BUPE2024, and help pave the way for a brighter future in buprenorphine research, practice, and the shaping of public policy.
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Deadline: July 15, 2023 (See Schedule below for more details)